Samsung UA55RU7100TV UHD [Khusus Kota Medan]

Samsung UA55RU7100TV UHD [Khusus Kota Medan]
  • Peralatan Elektronik;Televisi;TV LED;TV HD / FHD / UHD
  • 2 bulan lalu
  • D.K.I Jakarta

Rp 8.699.000

blibli.comRp 8.699.000Buka Situs
Deskripsi Barang
Ultimate Picture Quality with High Dynamic Range Watch your favorite content with natural colors that deliver details as crisp as the real thing. Get a more colorful viewing experience. Easy Connection with One & Steam Link Samsung UHD TV gets even smarter with Smart Hub and Samsung One . They place all the content you want right at your fingertips, from your set-top box SELENGKAPNYA
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